The IBAP (IOT Brewed in the African Pot) Platform

This platform facilitates high quality inventions (products and services) via collaborations and IP Protections culminated with negotiations to bridge the gap of fair compensation and sale/funding opportunities.

The IBAP Platform is an automated system that showcases a Plethora of IOT Services and Products.


1. Register.
2. Sign NDA.
3. Upload 3 min video & pitch deck.
4. Submit to QA team for review.

Inventors/Talent Benefits

The following NO UPFRONT COST Services (Pay LATER upon sale / funding of investment):

● Guidance THROUGH the INVENTION JOURNEY (Concise and Succinct Pitch/Deck).
● COLLABORATION on a Financial Documentation (Review Financial Plan & Collaboration to Create a Monetization Analysis Document).
● Fair representation + requests for a Minimum of 0.5% royalty.
● PEACE of MIND to FOCUS on inventions.
● Become the PIONEERS in the IOT Revolution.
● FREE GLOBAL EXPOSURE of their High-Quality Products and Services.

Quality Assurance

1. Review video and pitch deck.
2. Chat & collaborate with talent to Create a Monetization Analysis Document.
3. Approve pitch.


1. Review Talent Profiles and Client Profiles.
2. Collaborate with talent to prepare and submit agreed upon IP protection.
3. Conduct WIN/WIN negotiations for the sale or funding of an invention.