How We Do It

Giving Inventors/Talent and Investors/Client A Real Advantage

Arijnaw Consulting Agency, LLC (ACAL) is a Consulting Firm Focused on connecting  Inventors/Talent with Investors/Client with a focus on IoT technology.


Our IoT Index

Improve & Innovate with the IoT trends

The IBAP Platform (IOT Brewed in the African Pot)

Platform facilitates high quality inventions (products and services) via collaborations and IP Protections culminated with negotiations to bridge the gap of fair compensation and sale/funding opportunities.

Utilize The Invention MarketPlace

We have an “out of the box” Invention ecosystem tool that creates equal opportunities for both Inventors/Talent and Investors/Client.

Facilitate Sustainable Global Expansion Opportunities for Investors/Client and Inventors/Talent

We foster exchange on innovative and successful practices through The Invention MarketPlace.

What We Do

We Create Peace of Mind for Inventors/Talent & Investors/Client

ACAL Facilitates Clear and Concise representation of scalable inventions keeping within Investor industry standards and requirements.